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Student Screenplay-in-progress & New Tunes!

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In this month that celebrates giving thanks, we are truly grateful to welcome back student writer, Liam Cheng, with his screenplay-in-progress, Not a Foreigner and the musical duo Dem Chonies, as well as introducing our dear friend, Luke Anthony Rivera, with a new composition, “Oculus for Ocean,” a response to Ocean Vuong’s poem, Untitled: Blue, Brown, Green. Rothko; and the

Liam’s piece was originally written in response to a high school application essay question, “What do I stand for?” The school offers a choice of writing in any format, so as a person who loves to do creative writing, Liam opted to answer the question in a screenplay format.

In Not a Foreigner, two teenage friends, both professional actors from New York City, are having a conversation over dinner. They are having some differences about stage names. David, a young man who always plays by the rules, believes that his childhood friend Li-Wei should have an American stage name in order to fit in more in the acting community, but Li-Wei believes that they can live in a better world with open diversity.

Read by Aaron Banes, Emma Holt, Kevin Luong, and Joyce Wu.

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