Working with the team at Undiscovered Works is a constant pleasure. The real support and sense of creative community that comes with presenting for and being an audience member at UW events, is priceless. Hearing stories from so many different points of view inspires compassion and empathy, two sorely needed emotions in the present day, and that compassion is also available when you’re an artist developing new work for the UW stage.

-Jamie Rosler, Broadly Entertaining

“I wrote the one-woman show adaptation of my yet-to-be-released second memoir ‘Queen of the Jews.’ I am a bit of a ham and love public speaking, but I am not an actress and have never performed a one-woman-show before. UW gave me the opportunity to perform the piece at Dixon Place. It was a spectacular experience. A sold-out, standing room only crowd, filled with love and applause and laughter. I got to live that expression, “Brought the house down,” and it was glorious. I left that night feeling empowered and floating on air and filled with inspiration to keep on writing.”

-Chef Rossi of The Raging Skillet, writer/performer

“Undiscovered Works fulfills an increasingly rare but perennially vital role in New York City theater: giving artists an opportunity to present brand new work, in a legit theater, to a live audience, at no expense. I know I’m just one of many writers and performers who’ve gained clarity and direction through this wonderful series.” 

-Adam Strauss, writer/performer, “The Mushroom Cure”

“Undiscovered Works is, in a word, community. At any given performance, you’re likely to experience everything from films and plays to songs and solo works. It truly represents the entire range of creative possibility. And you’ll think, as I do: ‘I belong here.’”

-Nathan Christopher, Playwright

“Undiscovered Works gave me my first stage time as a newly-minted NY resident, and that opportunity gave me a chance to feel connected to other vibrant artists and the exhilaration of performing for a supportive crowd. This foundation is invaluable and has given me the confidence to pursue more performance opportunities.”

-Jessie Wayburn, writer/performer

“Seeing our verbatim play, “The Mama Dragon Monologues” performed by brilliant professional actresses was a revelation. Undiscovered Works plays a crucial and unique role in unearthing and nurturing new work that would otherwise never be seen in New York City.”

-Sue Bergin & Scott Sublett, writers / educators

I so appreciate the opportunity to meet and audition for you both, you are so kind and it was such a wonderful and welcoming experience.”


When Corona blew into my world, it felt for a moment that fear, sadness and anger would be all that filled the void. Then Undiscovered Works discovered Zoom theater. They produced two of my short plays both with the pandemic as a central theme.
It was a sold-out crowd! Who knew you could sell out on zoom? Everyone loved it. So validating. So encouraging. Rehearsing with my director and actors felt fun and so very nourishing…I feel inspired and ready to keep writing and telling my story. Thank you, Undiscovered Works, for giving a home to my voice. Thank you for making me feel NOT alone.”

-Chef Ross, writer/performer, chef/caterer, The Raging Skillet