As part of our Monthly Storytelling Series, we raise awareness of and funds for a local non-profit, the community-based organizations that keep our New York neighborhoods thriving.

Summer 2020: The Jean Moye “Dark” Fund for Black Women/Femmes + TGNC Artists

“If the Black Woman was free, it would mean everyone would have to be free.”
–Combahee River Collective

As Black, Women/Femmes + TGNC Folks, we are discouraged from dreaming. We are not encouraged to experience VULNERABILITY, WONDER, or our own selves as MANIFESTATIONS OF THE DIVINE. It is not safe.

The Jean Moye “Dark” Fund speaks to this very particular condition of need, and eases that unsafety, just a little bit. The account is to be used not only as an emergency account, but as a savings account for Black Women/Femme + TGNC artists to have more space to dream, take risks, and use our divine imaginations. As Adrienne Maree Brown has famously said, “This world is a product of a white supremacist imagination.” It would follow that THE IMAGINATIONS + DREAMS OF BLACK WOMEN/FEMMES + TGNC FOLKS WILL BE THE ONES TO EVOLVE HUMANITY.

Named for Ms. Witherspoon’s great-grandmother, Willie “Jean” Moye, who was herself a writer and in alignment with Adrienne Maree Brown’s emergent strategy principle, “Small is good, small is all,” this fund will start first with the inner circle of Black women, femmes, and TGNC artists who have poured essential life energy into THE DARK GIRL CHRONICLES, PRIESTESS OF TWERK, and MESSIAH. These are the artists who have made incredible sacrifices to be available to these works which reimagine a world in which Black Women/Femmes + TGNC folks are sacred.

The second tier of this funding will be donated to a combination of street runs, and organizations that already have a legacy of supporting Black Women/Femmes + TGNC folks, and are mobilizing special projects in light of COVID-19, i.e. Audre Lorde Project, Black Women’s Blueprint, Black Mama’s Bailout, Decrim NY, and the Anti-Violence Project.

The third tier of funding will go towards the formation of a residency to support the long-term sustainability and creative visioning of Black Women/Femmes + Trans folks.

The Fund is sponsored through BAX (Brooklyn Arts Exchange).

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