MIXOLOGY: a new series

Exploring the creative possibilities of presenting theatrical, cinematic, and performances pieces in virtual space.

Logo design by Vincent Gagliostro 

Next Event Date: Oct. 11th, 3pm (EST)

Details coming soon!

Please note this donate-what-you-can event will take place online via Zoom and commences at 3:00pm EDT (12:00pm PDT); all funds will be shared equally among participating artists and Undiscovered Works. Registered attendees will receive the Zoom link and login information for the event via email. Please be sure to download Zoom to your computer or mobile device prior to the event.

September’s Event Program Recap:


A film without dialogue (unless you speak cat) directed by Deborah Napier and featuring Thomas the Cat. Thomas left this world on Thursday, August 20, 2020 but lives on in this little video and in our hearts and memories.


As a 16-year-old community college student Robert Pagnani went in search of part-time work… which wasn’t as easy as he had hoped. Robert reads the second part of his adventures as a goat-herder with some accompanying visuals inspired by the piece!


Life goes at 100 miles a minute until out of the blue… time stands still. A video piece by Deborah Napier exploring New York City’s journey through lockdown with LIVE musical accompaniment by Paul Mendoza who has been making music in quarantine.


Julie Dash made history with her film DAUGHTERS OF THE DUST by becoming the first African American woman to get theatrical distribution for a feature film. As a student in UCLA’s MFA program she was part of a group of filmmakers now known as the L.A. Rebellion, creating exciting new work that would change the cinema landscape. An excerpt from a longer interview between Julie Dash and Jennifer Dean in recognition of the annual September #DirectedbyWomen celebration.


KOKO’s Love: Episode 1(2014) is an original East Asian/Asian American hybrid soap opera that re-imagines the melodramatic tropes of TV dramas to challenge the myth of the “model minority” and reveal the guise of superficial “perfection” of being both Asian-American and a woman. Yoshie Sakai uses greenscreen technology to act out all of the characters in this dark dramedy.


KURTIS: Episode 2. Julie Hays first wrote KURTIS as a one-act play which was then turned into a short film (watch here to learn more about him) – and now Kurtis is getting his therapy on Zoom! The second in a six-part series of KURTIS ON ZOOM, actors Mike Roche (as Kurtis) and Vivienne Leheny (as Marta) reprise their roles for this online adventure – this time a new character invades their world as “Marvin Marvel” (Eric Rice).

MIXOLOGY was created by producing team members Jennifer Dean and Eric Rice:

“We started off doing some exploring with Zoom as part of the Undiscovered Works monthly storytelling event. After discussions with other creators we know we decided to do some further experimentation with a spin-off on Sunday afternoon. In an attempt to push the boundaries of the online world we wanted to incorporate filmed content and live elements. Of course, in experiments sometimes things explode… but there are a few sure fire elements that will keep things on track!”

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